Gerald O Connor
2014 Gerald O'Connor, OwnerandPresident of Impact Plastics

Jack King
2013 Jack King,OwnerandPresident of L.C. King Manufacturing
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Michael Quillen
2012 Michael Quillen, Founder and Past CEO of Alpha Natural Resources
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Bill Gatton
2011 Bill Gatton,OwnerandGeneral ManagerofBill Gatton Chevrolet-CadillacandBill Gatton Honda
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Michael Reedy
2010 Michael Reedy,Pegasus Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, andFounder and Chairman of Reedy Creek Vineyards
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Michael Strickland
2009 Michael Strickland,Chairman of Knoxville-based Bandit Lites
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Dr. Jerry Miller
2008 Dr. Jerry Miller, Founder Holston Medical Group