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WOW + Propel Mentor/Protege Program

The goal of the WOW Propel Program is to inspire women entrepreneurs and promote personal and business growth. In addition to developing a bank-ready working business plan, business owners will receive specific help deciding between different financing options, preparing information for and negotiating with the lender, exploring alternative investment opportunities and reviewing current and future risks in the business.

This program is a catalyst to developing a business on a sounder basis and getting it to the point where it is bankable and even attractive to private sources of finance if appropriate.

The curriculum consists of GrowthWheel®, a Toolbox for Decision-making in startup and growth companies. GrowthWheel helps entrepreneurs and business advisors Get Focus, Set Agenda, Make Decisions, and Take Action.

The number one reason entrepreneurs "pass" on these opportunities is lack of time. This program is designed give entrepreneurs more time to devote to developing new products and services or improving their existing products and services. Accordingly, this initiative is entirely virtual enabling us to more cost-effectively and efficiently reach a wider audience than ever. Utilizing a think tank concept, we are able to convene financial experts and bankers from beyond the region to provide insights, advice and ideas on attracting capital inflows to small businesses — especially woman-owned. This format makes female entrepreneurs' lives easier — they can work on their business without leaving it or even from home.

Participants are required to meet virtually once a month, with their assigned mentor privately and also as a mastermind group.

There are only 10 seats available. The WOW Propel Program is funded through a grant from SunTrust now Truist, which covers the total cost of the program.

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Tune in to hear from local women entrepreneurs who are making a difference and making it happen. You will be inspired by these local stories of entrepreneurship and personal growth.

The first episode ever — Linda Qualls, Reshaping the Amazing U! Reshaping the Amazing U is a med spa in Kingsport specializing in medical weight loss, aesthetic services, and skin care treatment options. Linda retired from Eastman after 20 years to start her own business employing seven others.

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WOW is funded in part through a grant from SunTrust now Truist.